Welcome to the world of Kass and mike. While we are best known as the couple who cofounded buddy media, that was only one of our many projects.

U-Wire, golf.com, Lazerow ventures, a stealth cyber security startup and velvet sea ventures are a few more of our creations.

As are Cole, Myles and vivi, the creations/creatures we are most proud of! We love furry creatures as well ... Brownie, Cece, gizmo and, let us not forget, our first child, cookie.

On the investment side, we have made more than 60 investments into some of the most epic entrepreneurs of our generation. You can read about some of them here.

We are capitalists And thankful for the money we have made. Giving it away and inspiring others to do the same has been just as rewarding. We have helped raise $250 million for cycle for survival and have been big fans of many other accountable causes, including charity: water and pencils of promise. Most recently, we have provided scholarships for students at northwestern’s medill school of journalism who otherwise would not have been able to attend.

We have lived in Chicago and the dc area and now call the upper west side in NYc and silo ridge field in Amenia, ny, home.